Rose Platter: Coca Cola good for asthma! And so is a small dot of onion!

Rose Platter: Coca Cola good for asthma! And so is a small dot of onion!


Those of us who prefer to sip fresh fruit juices today instead of guzzling sugary soft drinks like Coca Cola might want to give it a try for treating an asthma attack!

Caffeine and kola both dilate the bronchial passages. So the Journal of the American Medical Association recommended cola drinks to help manage childhood asthma because kids like them better than standard asthma medicine!

Herbalists also recommended kola drinks to treat diarrhoea, depression, migraine headache and loss of appetite.


And if you like coffee as much as I do, you will be pleased to know that coffee may help prevent asthma attacks! Besides helping us to overcome jet lag, it may even help to lose weight by having it with a meal. We should only remember to have it in small doses, like all medicines.


I have found the onion to be the best, quickest way to cure a asthma attack. Once I was very upset to discover during a bad asthma attack that the allopathic puffs I was taking for it, were not working at all. I took three puffs and they were still not enough. Then a friend of mine told me to crush half an inch of fresh onion and mix it with honey and gulp it down. I did so and by the time I reached the sofa from the kitchen, my asthma attack had vanished! It was one of the most exciting almost magical healing moment in my life!


From The Healing Herbs by Michael Castleman.


pics: daksha

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