Rose Platter: Rare is the Stinking Rose!

Rare is the miraculous Stinking Rose!


Last month when I forgot again the terrible back ache that attacks us when we carry too heavy luggage, gardening pots, shopping bags etc. it happened again. I came home to such a frightening searing pain in my lower back that I was stunned. Forgetting that I had been helped by ginger last time, this time I quickly took a pain killer and waited in vain for it to work.


Then luckily I checked the net and found out a simple remedy using garlic. I put 15 garlic pods in oil, fried them lightly, then put them in 50 ml oil and made a paste. I applied this to my lower back and sat down to watch television. Then I went up to read and realized even as I climbed up the stairs that the pain had reduced a little.


I remembered how I had taken 40 to 50 pain killers almost 9 months ago, and how the pain had lingered for more than a week, almost ten days, giving me severe gastritis and other side effects of the pills. Finally I had tried out ginger which had worked very well. But garlic seemed even quicker. I had not even been able to turn over in my bed with the tablet, while now I could turn over, I could read and finally I slept.


When I woke up I forgot that I had suffered from a very bad back ache in the night! I know I have written a blog about this before but am writing it again so all who suffer a back ache should know about this healing herb. I don’t even like it to be called the stinking rose now! I think it is the Angelic Rose!


Now I find it has the power to heal many more ailments! I have tried it out for earache and found it works wonders there as well. I very gently applied a little bit of garlic oil inside the aching ear. By morning the pain was lessened. Within three days my ear was free of pain. I used the garlic oil morning and night.

Now I read it is good for treating a sore throat. Since I always have a salt water gargle for sore throats, I will probably give garlic a chance the next time! It is to be used in tea as a gargle! From: The Green Pharmacy By Dr. James A. Duke.


Pics and text: daksha



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