Rose Platter: Feast for Slimming!


Trying to lose weight? Read this delightful book instead of dessert!

The best thing that happens whenever I take a good long walk, is that the God of Walks gives me some gift to pamper me. The other day it was a large orange cat with a glorious tail that swished proudly as he walked past me quickly, suspiciously before I could take his picture.


Then I reached the second hand book fair that always eggs me on to walk where I found this delicious book called French Women Don’t Get Fat The Secret of Eating for Pleasure! Written by Mireille Guiliano it made me begin to read immediately. It is amusing, wise, intelligent and crammed with recipes of all kinds! It is one of the best friends you can have if you are planning to lose weight and even if you aren’t!


Right now, luckily I am far from the corpulent worrying level but the book kept me hooked. Here are only   some of the many useful tips from the writer which deep down we all know but never remember and never follow: never shop when hungry! How many times we rush into a favourite bakery or grocery store before lunch, and end up cramming our shopping carts with treats?! Another very useful tip is to introduce two daily servings of home made or all-natural plain yoghurt as a dessert, breakfast or snack food. Yoghurt is my favourite dessert and I have it as often as I can. Buttermilk is another wise choice for slimming as well as getting calcium.

Have a real breakfast. Prepare your own meals. Shun prepared food she says!

I am enjoying this book slowly, the way the writer tells us to have food, slowly! So enjoy these tiny tidbits as I dish them out to you, day by day!

pics and text: daksha



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