Rose Platter: Fall in love with yoghurt!


I am beginning to enjoy this book French Women Don’t Get Fat even more now since first of all it lured me away from a dreadful thriller called Mercy on Netflix! It was an irritatingly silly film. Then the book made me want to keep on reading as it is filled with easy, delicious treats  for enjoying food and at the same time remaining slim.


Try this wonderful tip: one vital secret of hunger management is yoghurt. You should not buy the sugary supermarket kind, but the real healthy one, strained, full of the bacteria  essential to health. You can even make your own. The book shows you how. You can have two small servings a day with a little honey, or fresh fruit. You should befriend it as soon as you feel hunger pangs invading you!

But alas, I am enjoying this book so much that perhaps just reading it might make me fatter! Mireille Guiliano’s book French Women Don’t’ Get Fat The Secret of Eating for Pleasure was not surprisingly an international bestseller!


And for me personally, several years ago when I had chemotherapy for breast cancer I was really frightened by the way I lost my appetite. I could not believe that I preferred to drop dead instead of taking in even a small spoonful of any kind of food! That was when yoghurt came to my aid. I could always manage a cup full of this nutritious, wonderful food and it kept me going.


pics and text: daksha


4 thoughts on “Rose Platter: Fall in love with yoghurt!

    1. I love yogurt too very much! A friend of mine has a sweet shop in the City which sells sweet yoghurt and it is very popular. Now he has started sugar free desserts for diabetics which don’t sound too good. He keeps around a 100 cats and kittens on his roof top. This book is very engaging, fun to read. almost fattening!

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    1. it sounds wonderful! we often mix yoghurt with the rice and vegetables or curries etc. and eat them. Too many of us are also fond of eating it with quite a lot of sugar! In fact restaurants always pamper guests with sugar to add to the bowl of yoghurt!


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