Rose Platter: No more Diets?

Rose Platter: dieting does not work!


I came across this very useful book called The Super foods Diet Book. The writers Michael Van Straten and Barbara Griggs tell us that they have looked at all the diet fads around the world and discovered that none of them work!


The Superfoods way of eating is simple, safe, and effective. If all you want to do is lose some weight, just turn to page 30, master the simple rules and follow the Superfoods Diet, using very tasty recipes and menus!

This chapter has 7 golden rules we should follow. Let us check out the first one.


Rule one: Eat Superfoods: these are all the natural, good, wholesome foodstuffs that have wonderfully nourished the human race for millennia! These are: succulent fruits, freshest of vegetables, crispest of salads, They are good cheeses, butter, nuts, seeds, sea-fresh fish, naturally reared poultry, game, beef and lamb, cream and yoghurt, aromatic spices etc.


Rule Two: eat regularly. Successful weight loss depends on regular eating, not stuffing one day and starving the next and definitely not starving all day and stuffing late in the evening! Eat balanced healthy meals, at regular intervals!

In my next blog we will check out the other golden rules. I found this book in the book room of a friend, lying under thousands of old, dusty beloved books. And this one is a real treasure! It will make dieting seem like going to a small delicious very affordable heaven’s cafe!


Pics: daksha


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