Rose Platter:more golden rules for eating


Here are the next few golden rules for eating from The Superfoods Diet Book. The writers, Michael Van Straten and Barbara Griggs tell us:

Rule 3: Eat fresh foods in season. It will be great if you grow some of your own and eat them. Herbs, tomatoes, strawberries, greens can easily be grown on your windowsill or on the terrace! Remember that exotic fruits and strange tropical vegetables, though tempting, are often chemically treated to ripen them artificially in transit.


Rule 4: Avoid poor foods. Keep your favourite unhealthy foods for occasional binges! Pastries, butter biscuits, sweets, chocolates, sugary breakfast cereals, high-fat salty snacks in a packet, the just-add-milk desserts, ice creams etc. are bad for your figure as well as for your overall health. Eat brown rice instead of white rice, don’t use white flour, go for wholemeal.

I could not ever imagine making cakes and other desserts without white flour. Now I find I cannot make them without wholewheat flour! Parboiled rice is good too if you cannot get to like brown rice!


Rule five: Eat harmoniously! Aim to eat one Starch meal, one Protein meal, and one meal composed mainly of fruits, vegetables, and salads each day with yoghurt too!


Rule six: eat moderately. This means if you are having wholemeal bread with thick vegetable soup and a little butter, enjoy it. But don’t finish off the loaf, don’t empty out the butter-dish! Enjoy a glass of wine with your protein dinner occasionally but not three or four!


Rule Seven: eat calmly and slowly.Enjoy your food.

In the next blog we will find out what to eat with what: protein, neutral and starch!

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