Rose Platter: Slim as you gobble!

Rose Platter: Get slim as you gobble!


As I wade quietly through a book about slimming joyously, called French Women Don’t Get Fat by Mireille Guiliano I find more amazingly useful tips to follow.


The treat also comes in the little stories we get out of this book about how the writer coaxed a friend who was drinking too much beer, to reduce this fattening treat by having something better! Then she taught another friend how to avoid gobbling up aeroplane snacks – often stale nuts, buns, cookies etc. We all want to gobble up free snacks! But these don’t help our desire to slim.


Then there was the friend who breakfasted on coffee and cigarettes with double sugar! Later she changed to store bought orange juice, again sugary, with biscuits, more coffee and more sugar! Mireille coaxed her to brew her own coffee by getting herself a cheap little coffee grinder! It took her only thirty extra seconds to brew a luxurious aromatic pot! The taste of this home made coffee easily helped to reduce the sugar to go with it. The orange juice was replaced with fresh fruits. The biscuits were changed for a slice of wholegrain bread with a sliver of butter!


And what I loved was this advice: when you indulge yourself do something to make up. Add another half hour of walking! Skip the cocktail! Pass on the bread basket! Ultimately, following the French woman’s habit of slimming, offers you the option of choosing contentment while dieting, instead of depriving you or punishing you. And what can be better than that?!!


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