Want to lose weight quickly but safely?

Want to try this Intensive Weight Loss Plan?


If you are drastically overweight and need to slim down quickly you might like to try out this safe and pleasant weight loss plan from The Super foods Diet Book. The authors Michael Van Straten and Barbara Griggs assure you that this book is for everyone who wants to eat well, be healthy and lose weight if they need to. You won’t have to go on any expensive or depressing diet!

They suggest that you try out their Intensive Weight Loss plan for just a week only at first. It is a streamlined, lighter form of the SuperFoods Diet, also in this book.


Here are a few rules to begin with.


Avoid roast beef, roast lamb, roast pork, and roast chicken and roast duck served with their skin. Any combinations of meat and cheese. Double, clotted and whipped cream. Fried and scrambled eggs. High-fat cheeses, sauces made with cheese, butter in lavish amounts – although you can eat a little with your toast or roll.


Avoid made up or processed foods, especially those containing sugar or high amounts of fat.

Don’t drink alcohol, substitute low fat yoghurt for Greek yoghurt, and low fat cottage cheese for regular cottage cheese. Have skimmed or partially skimmed milk in your tea or coffee.

For salads, use just 1 to 2 tsp. of the appropriate dressing.


Next we will check out their simple recipes for this plan which will help you to lose weight quickly but safely.


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