Rose Platter: try this delicious fat free dessert!


I am back to reading French Women Don’t Get Fat The Secret of Eating for Pleasure by Mireille Guiliano which gently coaxes us to slim by enjoying our food and not depriving ourselves or punishing ourselves by cruel diets and guilt!

If you have a sweet tooth you might like to treat yourself to this tasty fat free dessert! You can make it in ten minutes! Just place pears in a pot of boiling water with red wine, and a touch of cinnamon and sugar and let cool!

The writer’s enchanting little tips and tricks, smarter choices, healthier recipes show us how every friend learnt to get rid of fat by enjoying new ways of eating! There are tiny steps to take: a little more walking, a little more water, and much more of fresh fruits and vegetables!


There is a chapter that coaxes you to fall in love with leek soup! Another reminds you not to multitask while eating – no TV, newspaper or eating at the wheel or on the metro! Eat fresh fruits and vegetables of the season, not cardboard from the supermarkets!

She says “once you’ve bought fruits and vegetables in an open market, not to mention bread, eggs, chicken and fish, it’s hard to face the supermarket as anything more than a dry-goods store.” New markets are coming up all the time. One must take the trouble to find them and buy fresh, organic foods.


pics: daksha


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