Rose Platter: Feast upon magical yoghurt

Rose Platter: More Magic about Yoghurt


Good sensible advice about eating joyously to remain slim comes out of this book every single day. It is French Women Don’t Get Fat. It has many happy choices to make slimming fun and interesting. It has true stories of how women who were bloated, or had very bad eating habits, lost weight and also learnt some tricks about making dieting a happy adventure layered with addictive salads, sauces, desserts and yes, even chocolate and ice cream!


Today I found my favourite chapter: it is all about the importance of having as much yoghurt as we can, because it is very good for us. I have always loved yoghurt ever since I began to scoop up huge bowls of fresh home made yoghurt my mother made for us. It was creamy, buttery, tasty and marvelous with spoonsful of sugar! Now I have cut out the sugar but sometimes treat myself to it as well and then make up with a longer walk or solid gardening!

Mireille Guiliano in this book says that yoghurt is actually better for you than any other dairy products like milk, cream, custards etc.

Two servings of yoghurt every day are an excellent choice to make whether we are slimming or not. One gram of basic yoghurt has something like 10 million live bacteria vital to our digestive system, she says.

She was coaxed to learn to start having yoghurt by her own doctor years ago, and soon it became a very tasty dessert she had with a bit of honey or a mix of succulent strawberries and raspberries!


We can all start by feasting on this innocent, healthy dish and next time we will learn how the writer’s fat floated away from her body when she visited Crete and fell in love with the yoghurt you get over there!


pics and text: daksha



2 thoughts on “Rose Platter: Feast upon magical yoghurt

    1. happy holidays to you too! yogurt with blueberries sounds delicious! it is a staple diet in South India, where food is healthier and less fattening than in the North where they use a lot of butter and ghee for all foods which are of course very addictive but bad for the heart!


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