Rose Platter: Chocolate Rice Pudding!

Rose Platter: Chocolate Rice Pudding!


Chocolate is addictive and most of us can’t resist it. If we were to follow all the expensive dieting cures on sale, we would be told not to touch chocolate! But I am still reading French Women Don’t Get Fat and the writer Mireille Guiliano says in this cheering book about eating wisely, that we can and must treat ourselves to all that we enjoy. The trick is to do it sensibly, smartly, and circle around it with other tricks so we can stay slim and yet be happy about our meals.


Here is a delicious chocolate rice pudding recipe she gives us. It is a perfect comfort food which makes a very winning winter dessert. It is easy and quick to make before the guests or friends arrive. It can sit on your counter till dessert time!

Ingredients: 500 ml milk

50 g sugar

half teaspoon vanilla extract

200 g risotto rice

pinch of salt

85 g. dark chocolate broken

into small pieces (80 per cent coco



  1. Pour milk, sugar, and pinch of salt into saucepan and bring to a boil over low heat. Add rice and cook for 20 minutes, stirring now and then, until milk is absorbed. If the mixture becomes sticky add a bit more milk to keep the rice creamy), stir in the vanilla.
  2. Pour rice pudding into 4 ramekins and with a spoon insert the chocolate pieces in the middle of the mould and push them into the rice. Leave at room temperature. The chocolate will slowly melt and mix with the pudding. Let your guests play with the way they want to eat it: mix the whole think or start by eating the rice laced with melted chocolate and the chocolate hole separately – a matter of taste and mood and a tough decision.

Also remember while eating plain chocolate, that dark brown chocolate is healthier than creamy white chocolate.

The writer tells us that French women think dark chocolate, bittersweet or extra-bittersweet is the best chocolate. A chocolate connoisseur would never touch milk chocolate, white chocolate or any of the packaged brands sold in supermarkets and corner shops. This is junk food, loaded with sugar, very low in cocoa content and often artificially coloured.

Real chocolate, like fresh ground coffee has a very short life, of full flavor!

Pics: daksha


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