Rose Platter: Walk a lot!

Rose Platter: Walk a LOT!


I am now reading one chapter in Mireille Guiliano’s delightfully fattening (for the brain) book called French Women Don’t Get Fat! It has me hooked because it tells me how to keep slim and fit without being bullied by diets, impoverished, robbed by expensive diet sellers, and by just using a lot of common sense.


This engaging chapter is about walking. Mireille tells us how overdoing the treadmill and the gym will only make us more ravenous and coax us to gobble up more than we should.

French women we are told, prefer “the slow burn”! Instead of mindless exercise which becomes the enemy, something that HAS to be done, we can make it our own fun thing! We can take extra steps at home, or not live inside the internet! We can ride our bike to work, iron our own clothes, the point being, to practice as much physical exertion for as many moments of the day as we can manage!


I realized I was doing this already – clearing out the grime and mess of the garden, repotting several overfilled pots, digging out at least 10 or twenty empty pots and filling them up with cuttings from the ever generous garden! Just soaking in the generosity of my garden was exercise!


“Reap the benefits without the bother” says this wise writer! This is the surest way to overcome the mental hurdle that the idea of regular exercise presents to some of us!


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