Rose Platter: Increase your walking!

Rose Platter: Increase your walking wisely


There are more healthy tips about walking to be taken out of Mireille Guiliano’s book French Women Don’t Get Fat! She has already told us that walking, exercising in any form should be fun instead of a military must do penance which will make us hate it, or coax us to pamper ourselves with extra comfort foods and other treats. Instead we should exercise in any way that seems interesting. She tells us about an 80 year old lady who takes herself off to the huge mall where she walks around happily, perhaps window shopping!


I often take myself off to the City park where the roses will make me walk around the nursery, while the large lotus lake at the other end of the garden will lure me towards the ducks and the always hilarious big nosed pelicans and before I know it, I would have walked for two hours or more!


The writer says that the average French women walk three times as much as the average American. ‘For the whole lower half of your body, there could be no better exercise: you work the legs top to bottom, and the buttocks, particularly if your strides are long. And the cardiovascular benefits of brisk walking have been shown to be as good as those of running, but without endangering your joints.”

She tells us to increase our walking in two ways. First add regular “dedicated” walks to your day. Not death marches, just smart strolls. Start small, then make your strolls a little longer each day!


Whether you walk to work all or part of the way, or for twenty minutes after dinner (good for digestion and unwinding) adding three hours of walking to your week is a painless and reliable way to weight loss! Later you will want to keep walking more just for fun!


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