Rose Platter: Posture is important too!



Mireille Guiliano in her enchanting book French Women Don’t Get Fat tells us the second way to increase walking. Look for ways to increase your “incidental” walking. Resist the American impulse to save a step! “We French are not so fiendish about finding short cuts as Americans are. Perhaps it is why we are no longer a great power, but the trade-off is that we are not fat!”


Remember that “time saved equals calories not burned!” So have a little walk around while waiting for someone! And there is a good way of walking. Avoid congested streets and carrying heavy things. I did this once, carrying around a bag of ten very heavy huge books for a friend, and lots of other shopping. I crashed with a terrible lower back pain that seemed like death. Though it did show me that rubbing garlic oil over the startling agony, cured it overnight! Before that, I used to take more than a 100 painkillers and was still in pain a week later with side effects from the pills.

The garlic oil: take 15 pods of fresh garlic, gently fry in oil, then crush and keep them inside 50 ml of oil. I used sunflower oil. Then apply it over the ache.

Don’t wear stilettos while walking. French women wear comfortable loafers, pumps or rubber soled lace ups. City parks and roads without traffic are ideal. But even an air conditioned mall is good enough if you don’t have any other place to walk in! An eighty eight year old woman she knows, walked around daily during winter inside a huge supermarket! She did not make the excuse that it was too cold to take a walk!



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