Rose Platter: Grilled Pineapples!

Rose Platter: Grilled Pineapples


The best way to diet I have found, is by letting a good book coax you into it! I have been reading the international best seller French Women Don’t Get Fat by Mireille Guiliano and finding it rich with practical tips on how to keep slim without getting bored or irritated by expensive market diets and so called experts thrusting their advice on us.


One good way to diet is by making the food itself interesting instead of being heavily laden with cream, butter, cakes, fried foods, etc. I have a massive sweet tooth and have learnt to keep sweet delights out of my fridge. Now here is a simple, tasty, yummy sweet dessert from this book. Try it out.


Grilled Pineapple:

Ingredients: 4 one and a half inch thick slices of fresh and ripe pineapples.

Juice of 2 lemons.

2 teaspoons honey

freshly ground pepper

  1. Make criss-cross slashes with a knife on each slice of pineapple to get a nice presentation after grilling. Grill until pineapple turns a rich caramel color but be careful not to burn.
  2. Boil lemon juice and honey for 2 to 3 minutes. Let cool, add freshly ground pepper to taste, and sprinkle over pineapple slices. Serve immediately as is or with a scoop of verbena or simply vanilla ice cream!

And did you know that pineapple husks can remove bunions and corns too? Liquefy the peel and core from a whole pineapple in the blender and apply the mash to help remove the surface layer of dead skin cells!


Eat more fresh pineapples that might help prevent a stroke or a heart attack, says The Green Pharmacy by James A Duke, PH.D. It might even help prevent arthritis, he says.

A pineapple diet is good for weight loss as well! There is the true story of a man who had lost a 100 pounds on a pineapple regime! He ate one whole fresh pineapple per day!

Pineapple juice is also good for treating indigestion!


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