Rose Platter: why Green Cleaning is better


Cleaning toilets, sinks, ovens, microwaves etc. with baking soda, vinegar, salt, lemon juice and very hot water is first of all safer!

It is also cheaper!

Even better you get less back ache! When you make it yourself there are no heavy bottles to lug around. Bringing in the shopping is much lighter!

The heavy perfumes, the fragrances used in cleaning products are often the cause of asthma as well as headaches. Going fragrance free is good for  your health!


You become self sufficient! You don’t have to rely on those commercials  that try to sell you toilet cleaners  and frighten you with how the dirty toilet will kill you unless you use them! You will instead have a cleaner home keeping it free from toxic waste. There will be nothing dangerous under the sink! It will keep your children safer!

You will be keeping the planet cleaner with your wise choice!

We always must remember that hot water and steam are among the best and most effective household cleaners!



From: What’s in this stuff? The essential guide to what’s really in the products you buy. Pat Thomas.

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