First silver coin from the Magic Box: Garlic!


Garlic and the Terrible Lice Infestation!

I thought I had finished gloating over my love with garlic ever since it cured me of the worst lower back ache I had been stunned by last month!

I had carted heavy bags full of huge hard cover books for a friend, very large stone pots in the garden and then had crashed as my back gave way. I could not even turn over on the bed, and had to sit on the swing, as I did small chores. Earlier when my back gave way, I had always used more than a 100 pain killers and felt better only ten days later! But this time I was smarter. I found this garlic remedy online: gently fry 15 or 20 fresh garlic pods, crush them and put them in 50 ml of oil. Mix nicely and then use the oil to gently rub over the aching back. 


When I got up in the morning, I even forgot  that I had almost died of back ache pain in the night! I know i am repeating this blog tip but it is so useful everyone must know about it – especially slightly silly persons like me who always carry too many hard cover books, too many pots in the garden! This garlic remedy had to be used only thrice when the pain vanished!

Then today I was reading a very useful book written by an allopathic doctor who discovered many home remedies for various ailments from her own patients and decided to collect them! Here is a charmer about garlic and little girls with lice visiting their hair!


Dr. Girija Khanna says in her book All About Herbal Remedies about a woman with six girls  who always uses this home remedy to deal with their lice  problem! She applies at the roots of their hair a mixture of garlic paste in lime juice! Two hours later she washes the hair clean! This is repeated a couple of times to completely remove the lice infestation! She proudly told Dr. Girija that her daughters rarely get lice now!


Isn’t that yet another magical gift from today! I love garlic all over again!




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