Get closer to the Croton for fresh air!


The croton will always take us by surprise when we find its army of rainbow coloured dresses glittering around the roses and the dahlias.

But most of us don’t know that to a small extent it can help to clean up indoor air. This generously painted beauty can add extra elegance to other plants by just showing off its lemony, orange, river green, grey and red palette  around plainer green plants.

check out the crotons behind the roses!

Its mature leaves gain splotches, dots, lining and borders that can keep you enthralled for hours on end. The croton’s stunning double and triple colours, its extravagant paint work can coax you to keep buying its treasures. It can grow up to create a very large tree in the garden. Indoors its overall rating for cleaning up air is 5.3. says Dr. B.C. Wolverton in his book How to Grow Fresh Air.


Even if it only clears up indoor air pollution in a small way it will certainly dazzle your soul with its friendly refreshing radiant dressing.


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