VLCC rapped for false claims about herbal slimming products!


VLCC is one of India’s most diligent companies trying to con every fat person in the country that they can bring down their weight by various special means. In this case it is a herbal product claiming to help a large person to get slimmer. The VLCC Personal Care Limited Company was advertising its VLCC’s Slimmer’s range of products. It said “A switch to VLCC Slimmer’sTM Herbal Infusion, packed with natural herbs, will help you watch your weight. Product Packaging Claim- Slimmer’s Herbal Infusion with Green Tea and Slimming”



An irate and certainly smart consumer who read this advertisement complained to the Advertising Standards Council of India which delved into the matter with great interest, and with the help of technical experts who alas concluded that the tall claims made by VLCC were just that! They had no scientific evidence or reliable studies at all to show that their herbal natural infusion with green tea would help the obese person to get slimmer!


The ASCI met the VLCC staff which said that their product had gained international recognition and they had even applied for a trademark registration. Alas the ASCI found that these too were false claims. In fact, even their application for trademark registration had been refused!


Moreover the advertisements were misleading and dubious and against the laws of advertising! The ASCI rapped the VLCC and upheld the complaint of the consumer.


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