Emami Sunflower Oil cannot stop your heart from divorcing you!


An irate consumer was not pleased with this advertisement from Emami Limited that “Regular Consumption (of its product Emami Healthy & Tasty Sunflower Oil” helps – Reduce risk of heart diseases – Lowers bad cholesterol”


He complained to the Advertising Standards Council of India and its technical expert noted that Life style ills like heart disease are due to several reasons and Emami Ltd. had no specific clinical evidence to support their claim. He also said that these claims were misleading and against the law of ethics.


Nutrition experts tell us that there are many kinds of oils to choose from for better health. None of them recommend that sunflower oil is the best one to choose!

In fact the world’s best scientists and herbalists tell us the same thing to avoid heart disease: eat more fruits and vegetables, which make the risk of heart attack plummet by upto 40 per cent! Make friends with calcium, onions, ginger, garlic, red pepper, beans, carrots, watercress, broadbeans, thyme etc. which also cut cholesterol!

A six year Harvard study of more than 40,000 men showed that compared with those who consumed the least fiber, those who ate the most had just one-third the risk of heart attack!


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