Whitening Creams White Wash by Clarins and Bennett & Coleman!


A company named Clarins advertised the tall claims about its whitening cream called Clarins White Plus. It said that after four weeks, the buyer would be happy to find 85 per cent no more new spots! This in itself is not a good thing as it does not say whether the old spots will be dealt with! Then it goes on to say that 94 per cent of the skin looks fairer, 94 per cent of the skin is more translucent!


The Advertising Standards Council of India asked it to clarify or prove these claims. It approached the concerned Media promoting this: Bennett Coleman & Co. Ltd. to explain who the advertiser was. No response was forthcoming! So it had to conclude that there was no clinical evidence of the product’s efficacy and the claims were misleading and against the law of ethical advertising!


Skin lighteners are used by many women to get a lighter skin, or to lighten freckles, liver spots and age spots. But skin lightening creams which are used heavily by Asian and African American women, in numerous African countries, in India, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia etc. too are dangerous.


Illegal skin whitening creams often contain steroids and mercury – a toxic chemical that affects the central nervous system causing insomnia, headaches, disturbed kidney function when inhaled, emotional problems etc. says Dawn Mellowship in her book Toxic Beauty How Hidden Chemicals in cosmetics harm you. Once you read this book there are very few cosmetics you will ever want to buy!







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