Magical Green Footprints of a community

The Magic of Green Footprints by a community


Here is the magical true tale about a community that took action to save the Planet.


The Muslim Khatri Association was set up in 1977 to cater for Leicester’s Khatri community. Its centre, in the inner city, has become a model eco building, with high standards of insulation, low-energy lighting, environment-friendly flooring and paints, and solar PV panels on the roof!


The refurbished centre runs education classes, holiday activities, a day-care centre for older people and an IT centre. Before it was used only 10 per cent of the time. Now it is being used 85 per cent of the time! Electricity from the solar panels is being sold back to the grid and the centre is looking at installing a wind turbine or ground-source heat pump!

From: Friends of the Earth.


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