Why diet books never work!

Why diet books never work and why we need to use our own common sense to slim!


Two very sensible and intelligent books about dieting and slimming have convinced me yet again that diet books don’t help us to remove pounds, but only reduce our bank balance!

You must read this book which gives you all the information you need (it is probably already inside you somewhere) about the many useless, expensive, ridiculous, unhealthy, even dangerous diet books that cram all the bookshelves of the world’s bookshops.


The Superfoods Diet Book by Michael Van Straten and Barbara Griggs says “in view of the worldwide obsession with weight, it’s not surprising that a succession of ill-informed, outrageous, and often frankly dangerous diet books dominate the bestseller lists.’’ The obese people who buy them hopefully, eagerly, will end up fatter than they started!


Here is the very interesting paragraph: There were the original low-calorie, low-carbohydrate, high-protein diets – all the doctors wrote those. There was the Drinking Man’s Diet, the Champagne Diet, the Grapefruit and Hard-boiled Egg Diet, (a gift to all the laxative manufacturers); the All-fruit Diet (a boon to all the dentists) the High-fibre diet (which turned cheap horsefeed into a money spinner) and the Businessman’s Diet (how to get slim on expense accounts).


The truth is that “Diets that are boring, inflexible, and simply unrealistic don’t work”. Then they say that “more recently, there have been the VLC or very low-calorie diets which have actually killed people, and the virtually fat-free diet which claimed to trim specific bits of your anatomy.”

The other very interesting book is French Women Don’t Get Fat by Mireille Guiliano which also reminds us that diet books and rigorous, furious dieting does not help. It is the small, simple, sensible steps we take that help us to keep slim or get rid of excess fat. Her book shows us The Secret of Eating for Pleasure and many of her best recipes appeared in this blog.


Today we will take just one small tip from The Superfoods Diet Book. Later we can try out many of their very interesting and easy recipes to lose weight.

The important tip is: don’t go for appetite suppressors. These amphetamine-derived appetite suppressors can give you high blood pressure, insomnia, and nervous problems. They can cause irritability, depression, migraines, and are very toxic.


The question then is: why have these two writers written another diet book?! They explain that the diet they are talking about is the dictionary definition of the word: a way of eating.

A way of eating that is healthy, pleasant, enjoyable and satisfying. It is not for the health fanatics, the cranks or the food obsessives. It is a way of eating that works for millions of ordinary, sensible people! It will keep you fit, well, and energetic.


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