My seventh Angel Sighting!

My seventh angelic sighting!


Now being  ancient enough to be also a little wise, I suspect almost everything and everybody! The twittering, gossiping, overload of internet twaddle, those awful free messages, free advice, astrological tips, dream solvers, and most of all those cults, television evangelists, priests and chanting temple rogues that are ruling most of the world!


But in the innocent years I often wished that an angel would visit to help me to survive nits in my hair, rats in the school kitchens, and Sundays when we missed our mothers the most!


She never arrived and now that I don’t believe in angels they come unasked and as reliable as the sun! Only they don’t wear wings but seem to possess very big hearts! When I began to have electrical problems in my home and looked out for an electrician my problems began in earnest and I felt almost suicidal. The first one recommended by my neighbor arrived in a very expensive red car. He only checked my electrical connections, found that they needed two minutes of work and ten minutes later charged me so much I realized how he had bought his car! Another arrived without any of the equipment they need to do their jobs. He asked me for everything! Nothing got repaired by that one.


After enduring perhaps five or six of these ghouls, I finally got an amazing

one quite by mistake! I rang the wrong number on my phone to a man who was not an electrician but he knew someone he felt I should also know. He gave me the number and changed my life! This electrician was a small, slim, gentle man who worked for almost the entire day, resolved all my problems, gave away a lot of frletteringoflovemount that made me want to double or even triple it! He was my seventh angel sighting!


LED bulbs only cost a hundred rupees each. They last longer, are good for the planet, and very affordable! He removed the old obsolete bulb that had been dull and weak and with it the mysterious depression that it had often summoned, like a nasty friend. Then he put on the brand new led bulbs and brought the sun right inside my home!

He told me to buy the newest LED bulbs that use less energy, are affordable and sold at a very good discount by the Government! For the first time I felt richer after paying up for work done! Then I realized that all the angels I had been searching in my boarding school days were now living around me, just waiting for my call!

In this case I had been gifted with two angels. One was the electrician and the other was the unknown man whom I had called by mistake, and who had taken the time to share his angel with me!



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