To lose weight employ Sweet Stevia!

To reduce weight employ Sweet Stevia!



Sugar is sweet but it creates big problems for the environment. Sugar comes to us from two sources: sugar cane which is responsible for 82 per cent of the world’s production and sugar beet.

Sugar cane gobbles up plenty of water and needs nitrogen and phosphorus to encourage growth. In Australia, run-off from sugar cane crops has damaged the Great Barrier Reef. Sugar cane crops are burnt prior to harvest to kill pests and clear foliage. They cause air pollution! Sugar beet is drastically sprayed with pesticides – up to 13 different pesticides are used.


Sugar, whether brown, refined, syrup, molasses, dextrose etc. is processed and becomes according to nutritionists just useless calories. Processed foods sadly are crammed with this unhealthy treat!


It is better to avoid sugar as much as possible. But have you tried using Stevia? It is a magical herb that is a good substitute for sugar and artificial sweeteners. You can use it in tea, coffee, juice, desserts anything needing to be sweet!


Stevia rebaudiana from Paraguay is supposed to be 60 times sweeter than sugar! One small bottle of it which I bought has a spoon inside it which is smaller than my smallest garlic pod, one tenth of it, and if I forget and put two of these spoons, it becomes too sweet! It is a boon for anyone trying to cut calories! It also prevents tooth decay says James A Duke, PH.D. in his very useful book The Green Pharmacy.


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