Want to start a low carbon diet?

Want to start a low carbon diet?




Here are simple steps to begin a low carbon diet that will help to save our planet!


  1. Eat less meat! According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, the global livestock sector generates more greenhouse emissions (including methane) than all forms of transport, so reducing your meat diet or even giving up meat and dairy, will slash your carbon footprint! If you can’t stop totally, at least choose organic meat.
  2. Eat lower down the food chain. Cereals and vegetables tend to have less impact on the climate than meat and dairy.
  3. Always read the label. Make sure the food was made nearer to home as it will have less carbon.
  4. Eat seasonally what is fresh and available right now. Even better, crow your own food!

From: How can I stop climate change? Friends of the Earth


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