Another worrying ‘delicacy’ to avoid is Shark Fin Soup!


The good news is that sales of shark fin in China has dropped by upto 70 per cent thanks to the younger generation and other bodies!


Another worrying ‘delicacy’ like the agonizing and merciless love for foie gras, is shark fin soup! Leo Hickman in his book A Good Life The Guide to Ethical Living tells us that around a 100 million sharks are killed each year to fulfill the world’s greed for this soup.

The sharks are captured and de-finned while they are alive before being thrown back in the water (the fisherman has no need for the rest of the body) where they drown or bleed to death!


But here there is a happier ending than the one with the foie gras and its agonizing, unbearable, unbelievable, appalling cruelty towards baby ducks and geese. Thanks to conservationists, and wild life groups, the Chinese Government has begun its anti corruption drive which included banning shark fin soup from being served at State events! Besides the 100 million sharks being killed each year, up to 73 million being used for their fins!

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But the nicest part of the story is that the younger generation becoming aware of this dreadful trade, has stopped eating shark fin soup! It was galvanized into this choice by the awareness campaign by former basket ball star Yao Ming who is a revered celebrity in China.

Several large hotels have stopped serving this ‘delicacy’ and 20 airlines have agreed not to transport it!

foie gras eek
baby ducks and geese suffer abominably to make foie gras for creepy humans

An online survey revealed that 85 per cent of Chinese consumers said they gave up this soup after becoming more aware of its darker side!

If we slowly keep getting rid of these dreadful ‘delicacies’  that the softer, sadder, helpless underside of the world has to bear for us, then there is some hope for the planet!


2 thoughts on “Another worrying ‘delicacy’ to avoid is Shark Fin Soup!

  1. Furthermore, Eating Shark Fin Soup is not healthy as many believed it to be.
    Many families (in general Asian) believes that the consumption of shark fin soup has positive health benefits from increasing virility to longer life. However, in fact the shark fin is purely just cartilage, which can also be found in human, cows, and other vertebrates as well. Cartilage has no nutritional value whatsoever! If shark fin soup has any nutritional value, it would come from the added ingredients from the broth! Nothing from the shark fin itself. More interestingly, shark fin is actually bad for human health!


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