Do we really need to shampoo our hair?

Do we really need to wash our hair?!!!


Have you tried to not wash your hair for two or three weeks, to see how it fares? It will probably feel better without all that shampoo used on it! Advertising goads us into dousing our hair with plenty of shampoo but most dermatologists warn that over-washing hair strips it of its natural oils!


According to Leo Hickman in his book A Good Life, our scalp secretes sebum, which naturally lubricates and protects hair against dirt and bacteria! He says that non hair washers report that after six weeks of this ban on washing their hair, it got healthy and looked better than ever! “So good in fact that many vow never to wash their hair again!”

We can just use plain old soap when we really feel the need to wash our hair! We will keep it free of the chemicals in shampoos that dislodge dirt and grease!


According to Pat Thomas in her book What’s in this stuff?” The Essential Guide to what’s really in the products you buy, shampoos have far too many unhealthy chemicals in them. The really worrying aspect is that when various chemicals mix up together in our shampoos they create a carcinogenic brew named NDELA. When we wash our hair with shampoo containing this chemical our body absorbs more carcinogenic nitrites than if  we had eaten a pound of bacon!


It is also wiser to use a quarter  or half of the shampoo than what is recommended by the makers of it! Most of us use far too much shampoo thanks to the alluring scent of it. Shampooing only once, using half the amount you normally use, is more than enough, says Pat. You should dilute yours, with an equal amount of water, and put this mixture in an old and well rinsed shampoo bottle. Then add a little bit of table salt to thicken the mixture (about 1 tsp/100 ml of liquid), the writer says!

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