The Cats of London love to whine!

London Moggies


London Moggies and their

Tribe in every nook and corner

paw your heart in seconds

and pull out its strings like catnip

As they trundle up from behind


You or suddenly in front of you

And look up into your eyes always

As if to say ‘have you got a minute

To spare?” and then they will give

You this quietly beseeching little

Whine as if to report a problem


That has to be fixed at once!

And of course you know there is

No such thing. Every single cat

That accosts me anywhere in

And around London, has this

Mystifying little small meow


Of protest, or a tiny grumble

yet every accosting furry feline

is far too fat to convince you

That it is short of food or love!

You simply cannot trouble your

Heart with grievous convulsions

toto 1096

For any London moggie, who is

As massive as a small furry cabinet

of collected and consolidated calm!

And luckily for them, one hears

That British vets are the most

Critical no no never sayers for declawing

Of cats, so what can London moggies

Have to feel sorry for themselves?

No wonder then, that after a small

Meow of mystifying proportions

The Moggie who has padded up

To you in a quiet lane or blinked

Down at you from a cosy window

Ledge, will admit that he was just

A bit Bored of his own company

And Had enjoyed the little chat to

reveal that cats too can be sociable!


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