Nibbler’s mid-morning snack!


If you have begun to have your nibbler’s breakfast now you can try out this mid-morning snack with many choices!

  1. Banana; vanilla wagers, 5 cookies.
  2. Raisin bread, one slice with 1 tsp. all-fruit spread, pear, whole (or 2 halves, canned in juice.)
  3. Yogurt, plain, 8 oz. with either one-half banana, half cup blue berries, one cup strawberries or one tangerine.
  4. Grapefruit, whole (peel and eat like an orange!) English muffin one half, toasted, with light coating of margarine or all fruit spread.
  5. Orange juice or grapefruit juice, 12 oz. rice cake with 1 tblsp. of all fruit spread.
  6. Skim or low-fat milk 12 oz; graham crackers, 3 squares.

from: Prevention’s Guide to 50 super Healing Foods.


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