My love affair with Baking Soda!


I have somehow never got round to using cling film in my kitchen. Now I learn that we must avoid clingfilm when storing foods. It contains plasticisers that can leach into food. The FSA says to avoid wrapping high-fat foods such as cheeses in clingfilm, and not to use it in contact with food in a microwave.


Wash and peel all fresh fruit and veg to reduce exposure to pesticides – even the ones claiming to be ready washed, says Leo Hickman in his book A Good Life.


Also cut down on bubble baths which can contain detergents that can irritate the skin. Also a thick coating of aloe vera gel is a better alternative to shaving foams and gels.


Avoid baby wipes and use damp flannel instead.


If you can’t find organic produce it would be good to remember that some items have lower levels of pesticide residues than others. The friendlier choices include: aubergines, peppers, cabbages, frozen peas, garlic, leeks, marrow, radishes, swedes, sweetcorn and turnips. Higher levels of pesticides have been found in spinach, apples, celery, and salad leaves. You should always discard outer leaves of leafy vegetables.


Don’t use air fresheners. Open your windows instead, use dried flowers, vanilla and other safer fresheners. I recently discovered the magical uses of baking soda! One of my cats, trying to punish me for something I had done to her, or not done to her, had saturated my whole mattress with urine! I was furious, then remembered baking soda.


I made a paste of it with water and vinegar and covered the entire offending patch with this. I turned on the fan and within a few hours, magically, the mattress was fresh as a rose! Baking soda also worked wonders for freshening the toilet, for cleaning up the oven, the microwave, the kitchen sink and every other place where the cat had decided to misbehave, which is rare though!

But I am right now more in love with baking soda than my Tortoise Shell witch!




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