Make Tea Tree Oil your safer toilet cleaner



Antibacterial cleaners such as Triclosan are in everything from cleaners to plastic kitchen ware. Their overuse raises the same kinds of concern that doctors have about the over use of antibiotics leading to super-resistant bacteria. It is better to use Tea tree oil which is a natural antiseptic and disinfectant. Mix it with two cups of water then using a spray bottle, let it clean up mould, mildew or kitchen grime. It is also good to deodorise musty fabrics and disinfect nappy buckets, says Leo Hickman in A Good Life.

This oil is also a safer cleaner for toilets. Heavy doses of harsh chemicals used to clean loos can irritate and corrode mucous membranes. They have caused many accidental childhood poisonings. Since we are always flushing toilets, there is very little need for using these toxic chemicals for cleaning them. In-cistern and in-bowl fresheners are even more dangerous. Instead you can use the stronger version of the all-purpose cleaner mixed with some tea tree oil. Then wipe the bowl with vinegar, or leave half a cup of vinegar in the bowl overnight, says A Good Life.


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