A cool home made remedy for corns!

DSCN7467 (2)

Corns are thickened skin burrowing down into our toes. Here are some cheap, safe and home made remedies to treat them.

  1. Circle the corn with a corn plaster, then fill the hole above the corn with crushed garlic. Tape over and round it with sellotape. Repeat till the corn softens and falls out.
  2. Try the same treatment using crushed fresh radish or radish juice.
  3. Fresh lemon juice will also work well. Save halves of lemon after you have squeezed the juice from them, scrabble your fingers in them. Even the skins of avocados make a soft cream for your hands to soften them.

From: The Green Witch by Barbara Griggs.

DSCN7467 (1)DSCN7467

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