Mini Magic Gardening Tricks!

Mini Magic Gardening Trick!

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Slugs will not visit a garden ringed with a light sprinkling of moth crystals (not mothballs). This will also keep dogs, cats and raccoons away!

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Vinegar may also deters slugs. Mix it with water in a 50:50 solution in a plastic spray bottle. Go into the garden after dark, aim at the slugs on plants and start spraying. It will also help to spray the ground at the base of the plants which will catch the hidden slugs and they will die.


Salt takes time to attack slugs. Sprinkle salt into a moistened jar so that it clings to the sides as well as the bottom. Then pluck up the slugs and put them into the jar. The salty sides will keep them from crawling up while you search for others. When the jar is full, put on the lid and throw the jar away!


From: Rodale’s Book of Hints, Tips & Everyday Wisdom

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