Magic is in listening to the voiceless!

The magic of a softer heart for the voiceless!

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  1. PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, the international animal welfare group tells us to remember the following points:
  2. ‘Puppy Mills’ breed thousands of dogs every year in dreadful conditions to supply nasty, disreputable pet stores, adding to the overpopulation crisis. Remember there are too many homeless animals in shelters waiting for you to take them home.
  3. Fragile tropical fish suffer horribly when forced to spend their lives enclosed in glass. They are torn out of their natural habitat and denied the space to roam, they must swim and reswim the same boring cubic inches, many of them die in transit.
  4. Declawing cats is cruel so get smarter and make sure they have scratching posts available and that dogs get plenty of playtime.

From: The Good Life The Guide to Ethical Living by Leo Hickman.

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