How to reuse cigarette butts for the planet!

How to re-use cigarette butts for the planet!


Did you know that even a cigarette butt can be recycled as a natural insecticide? In the garden you can use it to get rid of mealybugs! These are the wispy white pests on your houseplants!

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Open up several cigarette butts and empty the tobacco into a small container. Soak the tobacco in water overnight. In the morning, strain the tobacco water, pour it into a pump container, and spray it on the plants. Goodbye mealybugs!

From: ReUses. 2,133 ways to recycle and reuse the things you ordinarily throw away. By Carolyn Jabs


If you are a smoker, this will make you feel better! Or if you had a guest who littered your house with butts, it will make you feel even better! Best of all, stop smoking!

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