Being vegetarian is good for health

How being vegetarian can help you to get healthier: Living without Cruelty



Says celebrity  Annie Lennox in the book Living Without Cruelty about the benefits of being vegetarian. “I find something intrinsically ugly about the mass consumerism of animals. There’s a terrible, brutal butchery which is governed by commercial greed. I find this awful. I always feel for the underdog and I identify with those who are suffering, so I could see things from the animals’ point of view. Mum has now virtually cut all meat out of her diet and since then has been surprised that the rheumatism in her hands has definitely improved. Her friends have cut their meat consumption considerably.”


There are alternatives available to virtually everything….I get lots of fun from fake fur, for instance. And cruelty-free cosmetics just have to be better than products which cause so much suffering.”


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