Five gifts I gave to myself!

Five  gifts I gave to myself

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  1. Walked all the way to that new book borrowing club I had seen yesterday and walked back too.
  2. Avoided joining it because it was not a good one. Shallow reading it was mostly.
  3. Picked up two packets of three colored pasta on sale and decided to make nice pasta tomorrow.
  4. Decided to watch Fringe and discovered it is one of the best ‘creepy’ thrillers on television!
  5. Finally tackled the small mountain of old, strangling, drying, dusty, pots on the terrace! Swept out, swabbed, and untied twisted and stuck plants to discover a very rare money plant that I thought had been lost! It was growing safely inside the square glass bowl Mom had given to me years ago to keep rice in! Refreshed it and patted more red soil over its roots, petted it and thanked it for surviving my neglect!
  6. P1080822

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