Killing the neighbour’s loudspeaker!


On a day that we have firmly

Set aside for knocking off the

Neighbour’s loudspeaker blasting

Out its religious rigmarole to deafen


Us, and make babies weep, then

to burn up every word we

Have written because it is lousy


And have given up on everything

And everybody that stinks or smells

Or bites or bruises, or just maddens

Along comes a tribe of red roses, to


Coax us to let the sun warm us up

Before we surrender to mayhem!

Mayhem couldn’t care less about us

So why not just be happy for a spell?


3 thoughts on “Killing the neighbour’s loudspeaker!

    1. this happened several years ago when I was working in a newspaper. that neighbour had the speaker on for 12 days which is the yearly festival for a god called Ganesha. so everyone was fed up and when I called the cops after midnight, to stop it (loudspeakers and any loud music is against the law) they came and took away the loudspeaker just because I was press and also the other neighbours came and complained! The cantankerous old man was furious and said he would kill me! But later we became friends when the cats began to arrive in my home! he was awed that I spent a month’s salary to make a mesh over the house to keep stray dogs away from cats! so it turned out fine..

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