Lifespan Diabetes Clinic cons diabetes patients with false ads says the ASCI


The Lifespan Wellness Pvt Ltd. Lifespan Diabetes Clinic has been found guilty of endangering lives of diabetic patients with its advertisement making false and exaggerated claims says the Advertising Standards Council of India in its website. It has banned this advertisement.

Diabetes patients should not be misled by this clinic’s ridiculous claims.



  1. From the ASCI website: Lifespan Wellness Pvt Ltd. (Lifespan Diabetes Clinic): The advertisement’s claim, “Can’t get Diabetes undercontrol? Get comprehensive solutions and treatments ……” implying cure for Diabetes, was not substantiated with supporting clinical evidence and is misleading by exaggeration and implication. The claims, “Most diabetics get only half the care they need, get the full care with expert dialectologist and comprehensivetreatment at life span”, and “70% of Lifespan patients successfully managed their high blood sugar by actively adhering to the full care R.I.S.C. based treatment”, were not substantiated with supporting data and are misleading by exaggeration.


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